Kitchen Design

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When you have finally decided to have your much-needed kitchen remodelling, the very next thing you need to focus on is coming up with your kitchen design. Bear in mind, however, that designing the kitchen isn’t just about aesthetics. Make sure that you balanced out aesthetics with function, comfort, and safety.

At Wollongong Kitchen Renovations, we specialise in customised kitchen designs for residential and commercial clients. Customising your kitchen design allows you to out all your favourite elements together, making sure that your unique taste and style is apparent in every nook and corner of the area.

How Our Kitchen Design Works

  1. Appointment – call us and schedule your most convenient time for the consultation. We cater to all shapes and sizes of kitchen renovations from apartments to small homes, outdoor kitchens to luxury properties whether residential or commercial.
  2. Consultation – we will send our professional team of design and renovation specialists. This is when we discuss every detail of the project – design, layout, theme, materials. Our experts will provide you plenty of options based on your style and budget.

Some clients already have their own design, so all we have to do is help them improve it to make sure it has all the features they need or we can start from scratch. We will present to you the initial design, and make changes as we go along, as necessary. Most common kitchen design choices include:

  • Country Style
  • French Style
  • Contemporary
  • Hamptons
  • Modern Style
  • Colonial Style
  • Industrial Style
  • Coastal Style
  1. Virtual Walkthrough – see your dream kitchen in 3D. In this phase, you will be able to have a clearer picture of what your kitchen will look like. You may point out features you want changed or removed, and we do this until you are satisfied with what you see.
  1. Material Selection – you personally pick materials and finishes and see them applied into the design in real time through the 3D design software.
  1. Quotation – once the design has been finalised, a detailed quotation will be provided. And once you agree, we will put it into writing and have you signed the contract. We will then pick the best team to work on your kitchen reno, and this includes plumbers, electricians, installers, stonemasons, tilers, carpenters, and many other tradespeople.
  1. Installation – witness firsthand your dream kitchen come to life. Our team installs every fixture, furniture, and each piece of tile in the most safest and accurate way. Our installation methods are in compliance to the safety standards and local regulations. The project manager works closely with you, making sure you are up to date with the progress.
  1. Project Completion – we complete each project as scheduled so you can go on with your daily routines without the inconveniences. Should you see any problems with the installation, our team is more than glad to fix them for you. We will leave your property with ready-to-use, super clean, and truly beautiful kitchen.

The Best Kitchen Designers in Wollongong and Illawara

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home and it deserves nothing but the highest care and treatment. Boost its aesthetics and functions with the help of the best kitchen designers in Wollongong and Illawara. Enjoy cooking and meal times with your loved ones, spruce it up with your unique choices of decors and accessories. Give us a call at Wollongong Kitchen Renovations today.