Kitchen Cabinetry

Wollongong kitchen renovation process

Complete your kitchen renovation project with beautifully designed yet sturdy kitchen cabinets from our professional cabinet makers at Wollongong Kitchen Renovations. Whether you want these storage spaces to display your collection of luxury kitchenware and utensils, or simply want to organize it for easy reach and access, we got them all covered.

When designing kitchen cabinet, we take into careful considerations the following factors:

  • Kitchen style and space – most of our kitchen cabinet designs are space savers. We highly recommend hanging cabinets or mounted in walls with hardware, finish, and construction that would complement the area’s overall theme.
  • Materials – our designers always go for solid, durable, and premium quality materials from trusted manufacturers and suppliers to ensure longevity without breaking the bank.
  • Functionality and practicality – our cabinets are not just eye candies. They are sturdy enough to hold your kitchenware or food stuff and other kitchen essentials, and super easy to access.

Here are the types of kitchen cabinets that you might love for your kitchen remodelling project:

  • Shaker – often uses wood panels from quartersawn oak, hickory, maple, and cherry. Features utilitarian design and sturdy construction using flat panelled doors with rail frames.
  • Louvered – a great choice for your pantry cabinet or cabinets near a hot surface as it features doors with spaces in between slats for ventilation.
  • Slab or Flat-Panel – the cabinet style for the minimalist that features flat panels with hard lines and no luxury details. Works perfectly for kitchens with modern and contemporary themes and designs.
  • Inset – versatility and aesthetics in one; this style features clean lines and can be customised to have beaded or non-beaded inserts. Its finish, colour, embellishments, and mouldings can also be modified.
  • Distressed – achieve traditional, old school, and classic look and feel with distressed-looking cabinets. They perfectly complement antique kitchen style.
  • Beadboard – works great in your cottage style kitchen or country farmhouse. Features vertical planks in rows with ridges called “beads”.
  • Thermofoil – made from medium-density fibreboard or MDF. Guaranteed durable with designs that look like real wood. A lot cheaper than other materials yet easy to maintain and highly resistant to moisture.

High-Quality Custom-Made Kitchen Cabinets

Still can’t figure out what kind of kitchen cabinet you want? Talk to our professional cabinet makers, and see how they can help you. Design your own cabinets with our help, or leave everything to us. We design cabinets based on your unique needs and style, and of course, within your budget. Call us now!